Different Types of Craft Beer

Craft beer is not defined by one single flavor or type. Deadly Sins Brewing, one of the top craft beer breweries near Orlando, knows this firsthand. The different types of craft beer can be quite delicious, each in their own unique way. Those who are acquainted with craft beer will know that there are many different types of craft beer to select from and it is best to have a resource where you have all the types at your disposal. If you have been craving quality craft beer in a unique environment and want to stop searching “breweries near me,” contact us at Deadly Sins Brewing.


Types of Beers You’ll Run Into


There are many different types of craft beer available and there is constant innovation within these styles that expands the scope of craft beer altogether. However, these are a few popular types of craft beers available at most American breweries.

  •       Pale Ales: Pale ales are those that are strongly flavored with hops. Because it utilizes predominantly pale malt, it results in its pale color.


  •       Lagers: Lagers are typically a type of beer that is conditioned at a lower temperature. It may be a range of subtypes within it that run from pale, golden, amber, to dark. Pale lager, however, is the most widely consumed and commercially available type of beer.


  •       Porters: A porter is a dark type of beer that is developed from well-hopped beers that came from brown malt. Many times, the porter is referred to side by side with the stout as they are very similar in nature.


  •       Stouts: A stout is a dark beer that is similar to a porter. However, it includes roasted malt or barley, hops, water, and yeast. The term “stout” was actually used as a generic term for the strongest porters, which is why the two are often intertwined.


  •       Brown Ales: This style of beer is dark amber or brown in color and it is top-fermented. While the color may be similar to other darker beers, it does not share the same flavor profile.


One of Orlando’s Top Craft Beer Breweries


If you have been looking for craft beer breweries so that you can try all the different styles of craft beers, Deadly Sins Brewing can be your resource. We have a number of delicious craft beers up for your tasting. You can try what we have on tap and see for yourself what the flavor profiles of each of these beers are and which one best appeals you. You may discover a beer that you previously had not thought to try. You may even be able to speak with an expert about the beer itself and learn more than you had ever expected. If you are interested in learning more, stop searching “breweries near me” and contact us at Deadly Sins Brewing.


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Deadly Sins Brewing near Orlando is your answer for your search of “breweries near me.” We have a wide selection of beers for you to choose from. Visit us or contact us to find out more.

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