Quench Your Thirst With Our Valentine’s Day Beer Selection

When you are looking for the right place to bring your honey for Valentine’s Day, Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park, FL has some of the best “drink specials near me” for you to try this season. The search for the best breweries near me is over, stop into our place today to try some of the best beers you have ever had.

Searching for Drink Specials Near Me? Try our Stout Beers



An American made stout with dark colors and flavors. 8.5% ABV 45 IBU


Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit

Stout beer with tastes of coconut, vanilla, and coffee flavors. 11.5%  ABV 45 IBU


Does the Body Good

Imperial milk and sweet taste, dark stout. 9.5% ABV 45 IBU


Imperial Coconut

Coconut and Imperial, gives beer a delicious, rich taste. 9.4% ABV 45 IBU


Our stout beers are made to quench your thirst and give you a burst of flavor in your mouth. It makes your experience at our brewery more interesting and allows for you to want to try more of a selection of beer. Coming to us for “drink specials near me” is a good idea because we have a ton to choose from. This is our time to shine because many people are looking for the perfect date, and we are just the place to stop in before or after your dinner plans. Stout beers are the perfect dessert drink and a good way to fill the craving without eating a piece of cake or having a bowl of ice cream. Why not try something new and enjoy good company with your loved ones and make new friends while hanging out at “breweries near me” on Valentine’s Day?


The good thing about breweries is that our beers are always changing and we are always creating something new. Seasonal creations make beer tasting more interesting and give our customers something to look forward to. Just like our stout beers, our IPAs and ales are also in the making. We promote our stouts from time to time, like this Valentine’s Day to combine the flavors of chocolate and ideas of desserts. Check out our selection and spend your date night taste-testing something new.


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If you have been searching for “breweries near me,” come into Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park, FL to find out why the locals rave about our services. We have live music, events, and are pet friendly for those of you who just can’t leave your furry friends at home. Come try our Valentine’s Day stout beer selection and enjoy good company. It is important to be social with a good drink in your hand and spend your date night trying something new rather than doing the same thing you do every year. Ask us about the other events and specials we have because we always have something going on here, we are a very lively crew.




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