What Makes Craft Beer Different from Other Beers?

If you have found yourself wondering, “what is craft beer?” the best place to find an answer is at your local brewery. The Orlando brewery of Deadly Sins Brewing knows how distinct each type of beer can be from one another and it is important to explain these differences to customers so they know what to look for when they are choosing to sample new beer. If you are interested in learning more about craft beer, contact us at Deadly Sins Brewing or visit us to taste out craft beer for yourself.


What is Craft Beer?


In recent years, craft breweries have been becoming more popular in certain communities. This means that people are now consuming more craft beer than before. However, people’s admiration of craft beer extends beyond simply what is popular.

Craft beer is distinct for a few different reasons. A craft brewery, for starters, brews no more than two million gallons of beer each year, and is also owned independently. They have limitations on the way that their beer can be produced, including the requirement that the beer must be at least fifty percent traditional malt instead of oats, barley, or wheat. This makes them distinct from other types of breweries, as these are the things that impact the flavor of the beer itself. Beers that do utilize these ingredients are going to taste different than those that do not, by necessity.

The term “craft beer,” however, does not qualify quantity. Rather, “craft beer” refers to the methodology of its production rather than the actual quantity of beer produced by the brewery. Certain craft beers are considered micro-brews only if they follow the brewing standards for craft beer but the term “micro-brew” does not fit interchangeably with “craft beer.” Micro-brews are actually beers that are brewed at less than 460,000 gallons per year. They have no limitations as to how they can be brewed, but at least seventy five percent of the beer must be sold outside of the brewery.


Where Can You Find the Best Beer?


To find the best beer, you must find a brewery in your area that offers a variety of beers. This can include craft beer, as well as other types of beer which will give you a well-rounded experience. If you are in the Orlando area, contact the Orlando brewery Deadly Sins Brewery to see all the beer we have available. We always aim to provide our customers with the best and most comprehensive experience, allowing them to sample a variety of beer when they visit. Visit the brewery today to try out a craft beer for yourself.


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If you have wondered, “what is craft beer?” you do not have to wonder any longer. Whether your preference is craft beer or something else, stop by Deadly Sins Brewing, the premiere Orlando brewery, today to try out craft beer for yourself and see what other options you would enjoy. You should also visit our website to see what we offer!

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