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Boost Your Craft Beer Terminology (8 Must-Know Terms)

Going to a craft beer brewery can be a fun experience, but it is important to make sure that you understand the terminology so that you can better select a beer. Deadly Sins Brewing is located near Orlando, and we have the beer that you have been craving. We are a top Orlando brewery with a variety of delicious beer for you to try. Contact us to learn more.


1) Ale


Ales are a type of a beer that is made with top fermenting yeast. They are typically fermented at warmer temperatures than lagers, as well as served at warmer temperatures. Sometimes, the term ale is incorrectly used to describe alcoholic strength.


2) Hops


This is, in its natural form, a perennial climbing vine known as Humulus lupulus. It is used for flavoring beer because hops impart aroma and flavor and prevent the growth of bacteria in beer. Hops that are added at the beginning are bittering hops while the middle hops are flavoring hops and those added at the end are aroma hops. Bittering hops are going to have more bittering characteristics the longer they are boiled while aromatic hops that spend a shorter amount of time boiling will provide more aromatic characteristics.


3) Lager


Lagers are beers that are fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast at typically colder temperatures. They are considered to have crisp, clean flavors and are usually served at colder temperatures than ales as well as fermented at colder temperatures than ales.


4) Malt


Malt is processed barley that has been steeped in water and was germinated on either malting floors or in germination boxes. This barley is then dried in kilns to stop their germination and convert the insoluble starch in the barley to soluble substances and sugars in malt.


5) Craft Beer Brewery


A craft beer brewery must meet three standards that are held by the Brewers Association: that they are small, independent, and traditional. To be considered small, they have to produce six million barrels of beer or less. To be considered independent, they have to have less than twenty-five percent of the brewery owned by a beverage alcohol industry member that isn’t a craft brewer. To be considered traditional, they must derive a majority of their total beverage alcohol volume from beers whose flavor comes from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients. The Orlando brewery Deadly Sins Brewing is the perfect example of a craft beer brewery.


6) Fermentation


Fermentation is the chemical conversion of fermentable sugars into almost equal parts ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas through the action that yeast takes. The two basic methods of fermentation in brewing at top and bottom fermentation. Top fermentation produces ales while bottom fermentation produces lagers.


7) Mashing


This is the process by which crushed malt is mixed with hot water to convert grain starches to fermentable sugars and non-fermentable carbohydrates. These components add body, head retention, and other characteristics to the final beer. This process also extracts all the color and flavor that will end up in the finished product.


8) Yeast


When the beer is fermenting, the yeast converts the natural malt sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas.


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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Craft Beer

Local breweries can be an incredible place to try a new craft beer, but what don’t you know about craft beer? Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park knows that there is a plethora of facts about craft beer that could make you appreciate the beverage more thoroughly. We offer the craft beer Orlando residents love, and we are here to provide you with interesting craft beer facts to make your craft beer experience more interesting. Contact us to learn more about our products or stop in to grab a pint for yourself and try a new craft beer.


1) IPA is the Most Popular Craft Beer


India Pale Ale is the most popular style of craft beer, as it is very hoppy and is brewed mostly with pale malts so that it holds an equal malt-to-hop ratio. The name of IPAs actually comes from the fact that they were initially brewed to be able to survive long voyages for export to India and other foreign countries. While some brewers began to drop the I in IPA in the late 19th century, but they mostly stayed the same as their predecessors.


2) The Favorite Hop is Cascade


The cascade hop is named after the Cascade mountain range that can be found on the west coast of the United States and in some parts of Canada. It has become traditional of American craft beers and it has a slightly bittering property and citrus-y flavor that makes it appealing for many pale ales as well as some lagers. It was first used commercially only recently in 1976, but has since risen greatly in popularity.


3) Shaker Pints are the Worst Glass for Tasting


While craft beer is frequently served in a shaker pint, this is actually the worst glass for tasting craft beer in. A shaker pint is a straight-sided pint glass and it does a poor job of highlighting a beer’s flavor despite how often it can be found in local breweries.


4) Craft Local Breweries Have a Specific Definition


In America, a craft brewery is defined as producer of beer that is independently owned and produces beer in small quantities that are very specific to craft brewing and must follow distinct distribution methods. They also utilize very traditional methods in brewing and fermentation to craft their beers. Breweries such as Deadly Sins Brewing, a brewery offering the craft beer Orlando loves, know firsthand what these specifications are.


5) Craft Beer is Presidential


Historically, and not so distantly in the past, beer was brewed in the homes of presidents while they were in office. Presidents who participated in this tradition were Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, and—most recently—Barack Obama.


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