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Try One of the Unique Craft Beers During May

We at Deadly Sins Brewing in Orlando would not be one of the top craft breweries if we did not offer the top craft beers. This month, we are proud to offer a selection of twelve distinct beers that are sure to please your palate. Whether you prefer IPAs or a rich porter, we are certain to have the right one for you. If you would like to learn more about the Orlando brewery with the unbeatable reputation, contact us at Deadly Sins Brewing today.


The Top Craft Beers You Should Be Trying


  •       Side Chic: A blonde ale, this beer has a 5.5% ABV and a sweetness that makes it palatable to any beer fan.


  •       Beer & Loathing in New England: Brought to you by the Bowigens Beer Company, this is an IPA with a 7.8% ABV.


  •       Assumptions: The sole stout for May, this beer has a 7% ABV and is produced right here in Orlando by Deadly Sins Brewing.


  •       I’m Gonna Git You Pucka!: This is a unique sour Berliner Weiss that has a 4% ABV.


  •       For All Mankind: This is the sole porter of Deadly Sins Brewing and it offers a 5.3% ABV as well a great body and a smooth finish.


  •       La Florida: La Florida is a pale ale offered by Deadly Sins Brewing with a 5.4% ABV with a floral finish.


  •       Mango Milk: Featuring citra and mandarina hops, this IPA has an 8% ABV.


  •       The Grove: This is a late hop addition beer that has fruity notes as well as a smoother finish and a 6.4% ABV.


  •       Colossal Peach: This unique pale wheat ale brew offers a 5.5% ABV and is filled with five gallons of peach puree.


  •       Jelmer’s Jam: This rich and innovative beer is double dry-hopped with chinook, cascade, and centennial and has a whopping 8.5% ABV.


  •       Quiero Esa: This is a simpler blonde ale with 5.5% ABV.


  •       Sleigh’n It: Our sole spiced and herbed beer, this beer features notes of chocolate, nine spices, brown sugar, and maple. It also has a 6% ABV. 

Are You Ready to Try a New Orlando Brewery?


We at Deadly Sins Brewing are always looking to improve and move forward. We know what it takes to make sure that we continue to earn your business and that is why we are always changing our menu. As we improve our ability as brewers and as we develop new and interesting brews, we are more than willing to share our discoveries with you. We hope that you find the one that you love and are able to walk away as a satisfied customer. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Deadly Sins Brewing.


Contact Us


Deadly Sins Brewing is an Orlando brewery with the top craft beers in the area. We have a revolutionary and interesting approach to craft beer. Drop by and try one of our delicious brews today or learn more about them on our website. To learn more, contact us today at Deadly Sins Brewing.


What Makes Craft Beer Different from Other Beers?

If you have found yourself wondering, “what is craft beer?” the best place to find an answer is at your local brewery. The Orlando brewery of Deadly Sins Brewing knows how distinct each type of beer can be from one another and it is important to explain these differences to customers so they know what to look for when they are choosing to sample new beer. If you are interested in learning more about craft beer, contact us at Deadly Sins Brewing or visit us to taste out craft beer for yourself.


What is Craft Beer?


In recent years, craft breweries have been becoming more popular in certain communities. This means that people are now consuming more craft beer than before. However, people’s admiration of craft beer extends beyond simply what is popular.

Craft beer is distinct for a few different reasons. A craft brewery, for starters, brews no more than two million gallons of beer each year, and is also owned independently. They have limitations on the way that their beer can be produced, including the requirement that the beer must be at least fifty percent traditional malt instead of oats, barley, or wheat. This makes them distinct from other types of breweries, as these are the things that impact the flavor of the beer itself. Beers that do utilize these ingredients are going to taste different than those that do not, by necessity.

The term “craft beer,” however, does not qualify quantity. Rather, “craft beer” refers to the methodology of its production rather than the actual quantity of beer produced by the brewery. Certain craft beers are considered micro-brews only if they follow the brewing standards for craft beer but the term “micro-brew” does not fit interchangeably with “craft beer.” Micro-brews are actually beers that are brewed at less than 460,000 gallons per year. They have no limitations as to how they can be brewed, but at least seventy five percent of the beer must be sold outside of the brewery.


Where Can You Find the Best Beer?


To find the best beer, you must find a brewery in your area that offers a variety of beers. This can include craft beer, as well as other types of beer which will give you a well-rounded experience. If you are in the Orlando area, contact the Orlando brewery Deadly Sins Brewery to see all the beer we have available. We always aim to provide our customers with the best and most comprehensive experience, allowing them to sample a variety of beer when they visit. Visit the brewery today to try out a craft beer for yourself.


Contact Us


If you have wondered, “what is craft beer?” you do not have to wonder any longer. Whether your preference is craft beer or something else, stop by Deadly Sins Brewing, the premiere Orlando brewery, today to try out craft beer for yourself and see what other options you would enjoy. You should also visit our website to see what we offer!


Quench Your Thirst With Our Valentine’s Day Beer Selection

When you are looking for the right place to bring your honey for Valentine’s Day, Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park, FL has some of the best “drink specials near me” for you to try this season. The search for the best breweries near me is over, stop into our place today to try some of the best beers you have ever had.

Searching for Drink Specials Near Me? Try our Stout Beers



An American made stout with dark colors and flavors. 8.5% ABV 45 IBU


Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit

Stout beer with tastes of coconut, vanilla, and coffee flavors. 11.5%  ABV 45 IBU


Does the Body Good

Imperial milk and sweet taste, dark stout. 9.5% ABV 45 IBU


Imperial Coconut

Coconut and Imperial, gives beer a delicious, rich taste. 9.4% ABV 45 IBU


Our stout beers are made to quench your thirst and give you a burst of flavor in your mouth. It makes your experience at our brewery more interesting and allows for you to want to try more of a selection of beer. Coming to us for “drink specials near me” is a good idea because we have a ton to choose from. This is our time to shine because many people are looking for the perfect date, and we are just the place to stop in before or after your dinner plans. Stout beers are the perfect dessert drink and a good way to fill the craving without eating a piece of cake or having a bowl of ice cream. Why not try something new and enjoy good company with your loved ones and make new friends while hanging out at “breweries near me” on Valentine’s Day?


The good thing about breweries is that our beers are always changing and we are always creating something new. Seasonal creations make beer tasting more interesting and give our customers something to look forward to. Just like our stout beers, our IPAs and ales are also in the making. We promote our stouts from time to time, like this Valentine’s Day to combine the flavors of chocolate and ideas of desserts. Check out our selection and spend your date night taste-testing something new.


Contact Us  


If you have been searching for “breweries near me,” come into Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park, FL to find out why the locals rave about our services. We have live music, events, and are pet friendly for those of you who just can’t leave your furry friends at home. Come try our Valentine’s Day stout beer selection and enjoy good company. It is important to be social with a good drink in your hand and spend your date night trying something new rather than doing the same thing you do every year. Ask us about the other events and specials we have because we always have something going on here, we are a very lively crew.





5 Reasons to Try a Local Brewery

If you are looking for a brewery near me, Deadly Sins Brewing in Orlando, FL has 5 reasons to try a local brewery for something new and exciting! This is the Orlando brewery you have been searching for and we can show you and your pets a good time if you stop in to try some of our new locally brewed beers!


Fresh Locally Brewed Beers


Interested in “What’s on Tap ?” We have our refreshing, easily drinkable, deliciously made and poured beers. Some are seasonal and others served year round. You can get our full list on our website or when you stop into our Orlando brewery, however, some of our favorites are, The Grove IPA, Side Chick Blonde,  Sloth Saison, and Wekiva Pale Ale. Craft Beer is very tasty and gives off a different taste for each new one you try.

Support for a Small Business


Visiting our brewery you are showing support for our small business. This means a lot to us and the community because it keeps us going and supports others around us. We are the Orlando Brewery for you to stop in and enjoy a cold brew. Let us be that place for you and friends to enjoy.


Pet Friendly Orlando Brewery


Deadly Sins Brewing allows all members of the family to join in on the fun. If you have been searching for a brewery near me, that allows pets, we are the place for you! Come one, come all here and we want everyone to feel welcome here to share a cold brew. This is the perfect place for a night out and you do not have to leave your pets at home, they are more than welcome to come with you and sit at the bar next to you.


Events and Specials at a Brewery Near Me


We have a calendar that allows us to share all of our specials for the month and we like to hold special events if you would like to schedule ahead of time. For example, on Monday nights we have $2 off from 5-7 pm. Other nights we have things like improv, Comedy shows and other exciting events to look forward to. There is always something going on here at Deadly Sins Brewing, we like to have a good time with good people and beer!


New in Town


Our Orlando Brewery is new to the area and we are still getting our name out there. It is important to us that customers come join in the fun and give us a chance on this journey of ours. What better way to enjoy time with friends and family than sharing a flight of beer and good company.


Contact Us


Searching for a brewery near me? Deadly Sins Brewing is the Orlando Brewery you have been waiting for. We have the atmosphere and drinks you can not pass up on! Stop in today or check out our site for more information on our beers and events we have coming up.



The 12 Deals of Christmas at Deadly Sins Brewery

Here at Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park, FL the holidays are a time to spend with friends and family. But what better way than to get deals on drinks and a good time! Check out our 12 deals of Christmas and try some of the best craft beer Orlando, FL area has to offer with us during the holiday season.


For deals on craft beer Orlando has you covered


If you have a stubborn secret Santa or family member that you do not know what to get them for Christmas this year, you cannot go wrong with this offer! Our 12 deals of Christmas costs $75 and the package includes:


  • Drinking free on Christmas day
  • Deadly sins Brewing t-shirt
  • Glassware with logo
  • You can attend a special beer and pairing dinner
  • 1 Bottle of Barley wine
  • Buy a beer get a growler
  • Pizza night for card holders
  • 1 flight of beer
  • Buy one get one free
  • 20% off the entire month of January
  • $20 off your tab of $60 or more


This gift keeps on giving. It is a few gifts in one. You get to try something new, spend time together and beer and food is involved. What more could you ask for! Feel free to come in and ask any questions you may have about our 12 deals of Christmas offer and we will be glad to help. This is our first holiday season together so let’s make it a good one. Get the gift that everyone will be talking about because they can use it throughout the whole month of January! Come on in to check out the place, buy a cool gift and relax during the holiday season. There is no better way to spend time with friends and family than checking out a new brewery in town. Have a good time and try new things this season with the people you enjoy spending time with most. The holidays are a time for giving, so you might as well give a gift that you can enjoy too!  


Come in today!


Deadly Sins Brewing takes pride in the beers they make for customers and have delicious core beers available year round. We enjoy keeping everyone involved as much as possible which is why we hold events and are pet friendly! Making sure all feel welcome in our brewery is important to us and our business. If you are looking for a fun environment to hang out with some friends, our brewery is the place for you. We have a lot to offer and a number of beers for  you to try while you are visiting.


Contact us


If you are interested in our 12 deals of Christmas offer, reach out to Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park, FL. You will get to try some of the best craft beer Orlando, Fl area has to offer you will not be disappointed! Bring your friends, family and pets, everyone is welcome here. Our 12 days of Christmas offer is the gift of the season and worth the wait!


Stop By Our Brunch Beer Release Party Dec. 09, 2017!

Deadly Sins Brewing is having a Brunch Beer Release Party Dec. 09, 2017 in Orlando, FL. We have been an Orlando Brewery for about a year and we take pride in our seven barrel system with plenty of room to grow! Our brewery makes refreshing beer that you can enjoy any time of the year with friends and family right at our Central Florida location. We take pride in creating a space for people to enjoy their time, try new beers and rotate delicious beers on tap all season long.

Our Orlando Brewery is a must try!

Deadly Sins Brewing is holding a Brunch Beer Release Party on Saturday Dec. 09 2017. This will be from 11am to 3pm. The Brunch Bros and forkOrlando wants to invite the public to celebrate the release of the Brunch Bros and beer combo. Try our new bacon waffle stout brewed by Deadly Sins Brewery for brunch! We will have a brunch party at Deadly Sins Brewing where you can purchase a bottle of brunch beer, chow down on food from the Treehouse Truck, including exclusive brunch items. There will also be live music by Adam Moreno and you get to party with The Brunch Bros and forkOrlando. This event is going to be one of our first and for sure not our last! Come out to our Orlando Brewery and check out all the awesome perks we will have to offer. It will be a great time you will not want to miss. Brunch Bros and Deadly Sins Brewery Brunch Beer release party is a time you will want to remember! There will be lots of laughs, good food and people making memories. You will not want to leave and it will seem like there is not enough time to try everything you want to do, however, with success, there will be more events like this one in the future!

Our Event is open to the public and tickets are Free!

We are have $30 VIP tickets available for anyone who is interested and this includes, an entree from Treehouse Truck, bottomless beermosas or beer from 11am – 3pm during our event and one entry into The Brunch Bros giveaway. The giveaway will include:
A Brunch Bros t-shirt, Deadly Sins Brewing t-shirt and gift certificate, Wall Street gift card and a bottle of the exclusive Brunch Bros Brunch Beer. You can enter the giveaway by purchasing a VIP ticket for one entry or by purchasing a bottle of Brunch Beer which gets you two entries. You do not want to miss out on an afternoon of beer and good food do you?! Get your tickets today for the chance to win cool prizes and hang with awesome people. Check out our link to buy your tickets now.

Contact Us

Want to know more about our Orlando Brewery and Brunch Beer Release Party on Dec. 09, 2017? Call Deadly Sins Brewery (407) 900-8726 or check out our site to find out more information! Do not wait until last minute, get your tickets today so you can enjoy good company and experience our new Brunch beer!